Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tales of Adventure, where are they now? Zara Collins

 Zara Collins, one lost earring
Zara Collins visual artist, jeweller and curator discusses her current online project "one lost earring" in which participants contribute a story and image of a lost earring to the project. Read more

After completing an artist-in-residency in the Gulgong area during Autumn 2010, I couldn't wait to come back to the Mudgee region. When  Lyn Cole from Cudgegong Gallery invited me to be a Guest Curator in their 2011 Exhibition Program - I couldn't refuse, what a great opportunity! 

 Image: Graeme Bannerman's ceramic floor installation 'Spannerotozoa'

Places & Spaces recently opened at Cudgegong Gallery, Gulgong, NSW on 3 September and continues until 17 October 2011. Featuring contemporary craft makers from Adelaide, Sydney & Melbourne. The group exhibition has a diverse collection of makers featuring jewellery, ceramics, embroidery, illustration and installation. The opening was a relaxed and lovely affair with about 30-40 guests attending the combined exhibition opening.  The smell of blossoms and wattle in the region announced the beginning of spring - a gorgeous time of year to be in the country! Four of the artists from Sydney; Graeme Bannerman, Matina Bourma, Isobel Pegrum & Chloe Waddell travelled out to Gulgong which was great to see. Graeme Bannerman's ceramic floor installation 'Spannerotozoa' was a real hit with the gallery visitors. The original spanner was found in his grand father's tool box in Tamworth and was brought down to Sydney after he passed away. Graeme cast and hand manipulated each ceramic piece and mentioned he was "never quite sure what the curved spanner was used for" but a lovely woman (born and bred in the Mudgee area) filled him in on the spanner's purpose - it was used for tightening horse harnesses. What a lovely exchange of information and ideas. 

Image: Opening Places & Spaces Photographer Scott Andrew

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