Thursday, September 22, 2011

DesignbyThem: Musing on a sustainable practice

Nicholas Karlovasitis and Sarah Gibson met whilst studying at university and formed DesignByThem in late 2006. Since establishing DesignByThem they have gone on to work with a diverse range of clients and have produced numerous designs characterised by their innovative use of materials, sustainable practices and ability to combine a sense of fun with clear function.

WebLight is the result of an exploration into the potential possibilities of reusing plastic bags. Made from recycled content, each WebLight is individually hand made and features an intricate pattern of texture and holes that are the direct result of its unique forming process.

Designers’ Notes
“WebLight is the result of an exploration into the potential possibilities of reusing plastic bags. We spent over a year developing the light; perfecting the process to form the intricate and organic structure allowing it to be lightweight yet rigid, delicate and organic in appearance and softly diffusing. Each WebLight is hand made by us and completely individual with no WebLight being the same.“

WebLight is recyclable and made from 100% recycled plastic bags and factory waste. Each WebLight contains no virgin material and has a minimum of 70% post consumer waste. Custom WebLights can be made containing 100% post consumer recycled content as well. The forming process uses 100% renewable energy sources and DesignByThem also offers a product stewardship program where it takes back products to be either repaired, reused or recycled. Please visit the DesignByThem website for more information.

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