Monday, September 19, 2011

Alexander Lotersztain: Musings on a sustainable practice

DERLOT re-project

Re-project is designer Alexander Lotersztain’s research study on design’s potential to address environmental and social issues. Taking design as a tool for communication and a mediator of human behavior in both passive and active ways.
Re-project  explores new solutions to old problems, proposing sensitive and sometimes provocative ideas that will stimulate change. Re-project latest venture merges community support and environment


re-stitch - New collection soft-denim seating " derlot + Saint Vincent de Paul Society"

Old denim gets a re-stitch!
By purchasing otherwise discarded denim from charitable organization Saint Vincent de Paul Society of Australia, the project provides financial support to the Society but most importantly   creates public awareness and promotes sustainability. As the designer and project founder Alexander Lotersztain calls it: “chic-derelict!, bring a sense of cool and fashion to a good cause.” The project suggest that design can and should play an important role in society, and can tackle many of the important issues we face in today’s world.

Images: Alexander Lotersztain, re-stitch, Photographer Florian Groehn

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