Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Share Your Stories 2011 - Ingrid Tufts

Ingrid Tufts at Design:Made:Trade 2011

CA:   What is your business

Ingrid: I design and make functional ceramic tableware and decorative pieces. There are three aspects to my practice: My own range of tableware, commissioned work for restaurants and retailers, and experimental and exhibition works. I find that this gives me plenty of variety and opportunity to experiment, design, make and market.

CA       What do you hope to achieve in your business?

Ingrid: I would like to continue to develop new products and find opportunities to market my work. I also enjoy working with other artists and craftspeople so collaboration is high on my list when looking for opportunities for growth. I am hoping to build a sustainable practice that allows me the flexibility to explore various aspects of design and production.

CA:    What got you started
and how long have you been going?

Ingrid: It's about seven years that I started to experiment with clay and really enjoyed it. But I have been making and marketing production work for about two years now.

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