Thursday, July 21, 2011

Share Your Stories 2011 - Ink & Spindle

Ink & Spindle at Design:Made:Trade 2011 

CA: What is your business

Ink & Spindle: Our business is Ink and Spindle, locally designed & hand screenprinted organic & sustainable textiles.

CA: What do you hope to achieve in your business?

Ink & Spindle:  Many things! 
- to shine the spotlight on organic and sustainable fabric.
- a greater awareness & understanding of the provenance of textiles in general (which is usually horrendous)
- a successful & financially secure business!

CA: What got you started and how long have you been going?

Ink & Spindle:  We had our first business meeting 3.5 years ago. It took about 6 months to get the commercial lease for our studio organised & signed (those things take aaages) What got us started was a common set of beliefs, we felt we had the wherewithal to build a successful business & there seemed to be a gap in the market place. Plus we were in our early to mid 20's & our motto was "no kids, no mortgage - what have we got to lose?"

Ink and spindle website
Ink & Spindle at Design Made:Trade 2011
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