Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Share Your Stories 2011 - Aya Kawa


 Aya Kawa at Design:Made:Trade 2011

CA: What is your business?

Aya Kawa:  Sells limited edition, handmade, woven silk ties and enamel cufflinks. The tie designs are inspired by the traditional Japanese textiles that I  studied in Kyoto in 1974. The cufflink designs are based on details from the ties. The fabric is woven as an image for the tie rather than a repeat fabric pattern.

CA:  What do you hope to achieve in your business?

Aya Kawa: A scalable sustainable business that showcases my designs and provides a regular income that will in turn, allow me to work as a designer and time to experiment and develop as a designer maker.   

CA: What got you started and how long have you been going?

 Aya Kawa: Serendipity. After working as an artist/designer/maker for over 35 years I had a period of substantial health issues which meant I couldn't continue the silk painting and glass work that I was currently doing. At the same time my son asked me to design silk ties which I was able to do. Without the pressure to physically make my artworks I was able to immerse myself in designing which I discovered I loved. The response to the work was overwhelmingly positive which surprised and delighted me in the very short time of 2 years. Although I am now able to return to working in my studio I do not want to stop creating new ideas for AYA KAWA.

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