Monday, October 31, 2011

Sebastian Clarke: Musing on a sustainable practice

Sebastian Lights

I'm an independent industrial designer focusing on lighting. I drew inspiration for 'Stadium' table/wall light from industrial waste, It was when I stumbled across discarded light globes once used in football stadiums that I realised their potential. These large beautiful glass bulbs were destined for landfill and I have since sourced a consistent supply of discarded bulbs and up-cylce them into decorative wall and table lights.

I find people connect with the product due to the interesting glass shape, once they find out it is re-used it gives the product more depth and meaning, small imperfections become a mark of character and integrity. I am now working toward making a full collection using these glass pieces, For now I have a table and wall light, a pendant and floor light will be resolved in order to complete the range.

Inspired by the Dadaist movement and artists like Marcel Duchamp, the pioneer of "Found object" artwork, I will continue to experiment with found objects and industrial waste. The blend of old and new creates a beautiful juxtaposition of materials and this mix is undoubtedly paramount to my products success. I believe that experimentation, trial and mostly error are the foundations of innovative design.


Images: supplied by Sebastian Clarke 

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