Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Call for Tales of Adventure

Image: Rusking school student glass cutting work in progress, Photographer I Tazzyman
Craft Australia publishes the experiences of those working in the Craft and Design sector participating in residencies, exhibitions and events.
If you would like to contribute ideas or have an experience you would like to share on the Craft Australia website then, please email the editor with your proposal.
 Exploration of an abandoned glass factory Itzell Tazzyman
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Monday, August 29, 2011

Craft Australia's Top Ten Library Articles for August 2011

The ten most visited pages in the Craft Australia Library over the last 30 days.

Image:  JamFactory Furniture Design studio. Photo courtesy JamFactory

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Vol 3 (2011) Sustainability in Craft and Design (paper no2)

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Ideological Constructs - Past Visions/Future Possibilities: evaluating the endangered subjects in the context of emerging global sustainability and environmental agendas.
By Mary Loveday Edwards


In searching for reasons why the applied arts might be considered 'endangered subjects', this project's research proposal hypothesised that the applied arts were endangered subjects not necessarily for reasons of progression.  Other research speculates that primary and secondary schools have in the past phased out or abandoned craft subjects, and that students therefore did not think to choose crafts at tertiary level.  However, this research posited that the crafts subjects were endangered not because they were off the schools' radars but because they were off the radar of a wider society:  that they had lost their ideological impulse.
The single most important point to emerge from the project was the need to make explicit, to understand, and to develop, the empowering social-symbolic relationships that surround 'craft' as a construct forged between sets of practices, materials and 'communities'. This paper traces the project from inception to completion and discusses the findings.

Full Text: PDF

Vol 3 (2011) Sustainability in Craft and Design all papers
Craft Australia Research Centre website
Call for Papers Issue #5 website


Thursday, August 25, 2011

ca enews # 67 August 2011

Image Lucy Simpson Fabric bangles 2011
  •  Sam Juparulla wickman, glass in relation to my mothers country, interview  read more
  • Dr Danie Mellor, layering histories and replicating craft in indigenous contemporary art, interview  read more
  • Erub craft - sustaining land, sea and sky, interview  read more
  • Colin Martin, baskets & belonging - entwined lives  read more
  • Lucy Simpson, Visual Storytelling and GaawaaMiyay textile prints Read more...
Image Danie Mellor Red Roo Look, 2007

Monday, August 22, 2011

Vol 3 (2011) Sustainability in Craft and Design (paper no1)

Towards a post-consumer subjectivity: a future for the crafts in the twenty first century? By Peter Hughes


The crafts movement has a long history of engagement with both environmental and ethical issues. In recent years, several movements have emerged-in response to environmental issues and in opposition to the dominance of the monoculture produced by globalising capitalism- that have powerful resonances with some of the crafts movement's early political and ethical heritage. As environmental issues move into the mainstream, a rising tide of concern presents an opportunity for the crafts movement to renew its engagement with social, political and philosophical issues and to contribute both to the debate and to the formation of a sustainable material and creative culture of the future. Full PDF

Images 1 and 2 ‘Craftivism’ in action: Marianne Joergensen’s Pink M.24 Chaffee is a collaborative project incorporating knitted squares from hundreds of contributors.

Vol 3 (2011) Sustainability in Craft and Design all papers
Craft Australia Research Centre website
Call for Papers Issue #5 website

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Robert Baines Metal at Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre

Image Robert Baines: Hey True Blue Brooches, silver, powdercoat, electroplate, paint 2010, Photographer Jeremy Dillon

Robert Baines: Metal is a national touring exhibition and part of Object Gallery's Living Treasures: Masters of Australian Craft series. Baines is one of Australia's most influential and prominent jewellers and displays extraordinary artistic range and exceptional craft skills in this new body of work.

The exhibition is showing at:
Craft ACT Craft and Design Centre
19 August to 24th September 2011 

Craft ACT Craft and Design Centre website
Craft ACT Craft and Design Centre media release
Robert Baines National Living Treasure 2010 website

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Craft Australia invites you to take the Share Your Stories survey

Craft Australia invites you to take the  Share Your Stories survey

Craft Australia is again conducting the 'share your stories' survey to gather data about Australian crafts people and designers operating small businesses or creative micro industries.

Craft Australia will collate these findings to establish a picture of micro businesses. This data will be the basis of information to advocate for small businesses in the creative industries sector. Please take 5 minutes to take the Share Your Stories survey.

All participants go in the draw to win a KINK oil bottle designed by Deb Jones, hand-made by the JamFactory Glass Studio and donated by the Canberra Glassworks.

The winner will be notified by email and an announcement made on the Craft Australia website,  and Craft Australia blog,  

Craft Australia thanks the Canberra Glassworks for donating the KINK oil bottle.



Monday, August 15, 2011

Sustainability in Craft and Design, Volume 3, 2011

 Sustainability in Craft and Design, Volume 3, 2011  NOW ONLINE

 The Craft Australia Research Centre announces the publication of the third volume of craft + design enquiry, its open access, peer-reviewed, online journal, interrogating discourses surrounding craft and design practice.

Edited by Dr Kevin Murray, Sustainability in Craft and Design explores how craft and design responds to the challenge of global warming by facilitating social change.  The six papers published in this issue by Rod Bamford, Matthew Kiem, Peter Hughes, Mary Loveday Edwards, Sharmila Wood, Emilia Ferraro, Rehema White, Eoin Cox , Jan Bebbington and  Sandra Wilson examine issues of sustainability in relation to aspects of craft and design practice in Australia, the United Kingdom and India

Volume 3 online

craft + design enquiry
Call for Papers Volume 5: website

Image: Simone Le Amon,  Lepidoptera chair 2008, stainless steel, polyurethane, polyester, 110 x 85 x 70 cm  Collection of the artist, Melbourne  © Simone Le Amon

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A World in Making: Cities Craft Design - Volume #5 Call for papers

craft + design enquiry is pleased to announce a new call for papers for the fifth issue of the journal to be published in 2013.

A World in Making: Cities Craft Design
Guest Editor, Suzie Attiwill is calling for papers for this on the theme of A World in Making: Cities Craft Design as outlined below.
On 12 March 1913, a naming ceremony took place in an empty paddock on a hill. This rural environment was to become a city, the capital city of Australia, the city of Canberra. The aspirations and the projections of the Griffins' winning design for Canberra are an example of a world-in-making involving the practices of design and craft. This issue of craft + design enquiry will be published in 2013 - 100 years after this event and when, for the first time in history, more than half the world's population live in cities. By 2030, this will increase to at least 60% with significant growth happening in cities of developing countries and the emergence of meta-cities with 20 million inhabitants. 'The twenty-first century will be known as the century of the city'.1
This next issue of craft + design enquiry will focus on and highlight the role, contribution and potential of craft and design practices to the urban environment as well as the transformation of these practices - a world in making.

 Call for Papers website

1. Tibaijuka, A.K., 2010. Inaugural Address UN Pavilion Lecture Series, Shanghai World Expo 2010 - Better Cities, Better Life. Available at: [Accessed April 24 2011].