Thursday, October 20, 2011

Craft Australia Defunded

Dear friends and colleagues,

On Thursday, 12 October, Craft Australia was officially notified that it has been ‘defunded’: it will receive no more triennial funding from the Australia Council for the Arts beyond the end of 2011.

While Craft Australia and the broad constituencies it represents and supports would dispute this decision, the result effectively means the organisation has no funds to operate beyond 31 December 2011. This decision comes at a point when the sector is poised to make some significant developments in relation to craft, design, innovation and the creative industries, and in which Craft Australia has played and would have continued to play a significant role.

More information about how you can help Craft Australia will also be sent to you next week and will be posted on the Craft Australia website and Blog.

Catrina Vignando
General Manager


  1. Unbelievable. Unacceptable. Madness. So much for ...

  2. Thanks for your comment, greatly value feedback from all of our readers at the moment. yours in strength. CA

  3. Does this mean there will no longer be a Craft Australia magazine?

  4. Our magazine has been online for the past 8 years now on the Craft Australia website at

    We plan to archive the website so it is still useful for the sector.