Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tales of Adventure, where are they now? Julie Ryder

Hill End

In November 2009 Julie Ryder undertook a studio residency at Hill End in Murray's Cottage formerly owned by Donald Friend and Donald Murray. Julie reports back with this first Tale of Adventure in our series charting members of the Craft Australia community participating in residencies, exhibitions, conferences or events listed in our opportunities section. Julie Ryder is an internationally recognised textile artist living in Canberra. 

Julie Ryder's tale of a residency at Hill End NSW,   Read more

Where is Julie Ryder Now? 
Julie is currently participating in a residency at Gullkistan  in Laugervatn, South Iceland.

I am currently undertaking a month long residency at Gullkistan, at Laugarvatn in the South of Iceland.  Laugarvatn is a small town on a lake surrounded by mountains, situated in the middle of Iceland's famous Golden Circle.  The Golden Circle comprises some of the most spectacular and diverse natural features Iceland has to offer - geysers, geothermal mud pools and hot springs and majestic waterfalls.  In addition it is in the shadow of Hekla, Iceland's most famous volcano.  In fact Ridley Scott has just started filming 'Prometheus' here. There are currently 4 international residents at Gullkistan, and we all share the studio at Eyvindartunga, a picturesque farm on the outskirts of Laugarvatn. Since my arrival I have been hiking to explore the natural rock formations and plant life of this region, and have started to draw and work with the natural materials here. This is definitely a place for solitude and isolation, but perfect for intense creativity.  As it is summer here we have 24 hours of daylight so it's often hard to know when the working day has stopped. I am looking forward to developing the ideas and art I have created here back in my studio in Pialligo ACT. 

Residencies at Gullkistan Iceland

Julie Ryders'  Portfolio 
Threads of Life, Barometer Gallery   15 June - 24th July 2011
For more information on the Hill End Residencies visit  

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