Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wilding Wallpaper: Musing on a sustainable practice

 William  Wilding 

The Immaculate Perception Project

The Immaculate Perception Project is an interdisciplinary exercise in cross-cultural collaboration. It demonstrates how Government, Education and Industry can work together to create prosperity through the development of trust and exercise of care - the essence of sustainability.
The nine designs comprising The Immaculate Perception Project reflect relations that emerged between the designers and the producers during 2010 and 2011. Guided by Craft Victoria, thoughts and feelings were crafted into manufactured works of commercial design which symbolise shared values.

Image: The designs at the gallery of Craft Victoria

Engaging with local and international suppliers to identify the most suitable sustainable materials, and channeling creativity through a blend of traditional and contemporary production processes, the project applies and adapts principles of graphic design, textile design, interior design, fashion design and print to address problems whose solutions can translate into new product streams.

The will to regenerate therefore pushes through every aspect of the project. Drawing on the institutions of family, community and ancestry, the artists - Caitlin Ziegler, Penelope Gale and Maryann Talia Pau - produced life-affirming designs in response to the drive to engage with essential human needs.

Image: The artists at the international studios of the ABC (Left to Right: Maryann, Penny, Caitlin)

Esther Wilding then incorporated these ideas into the communication of the project in concert with Design Victoria and Swinburne University; while Joe Pascoe ensured themes remained unified and the voice of the group could be heard.

The Immaculate Perception Project applies universal principles to particular situations. It designs and produces products and services that express a willingness to communicate with people and engage with the world.

Image: The designs in production at the factory
All images courtesy William Wilding at Wilding Wallpaper

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