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Vol 3 (2011) Sustainability in Craft and Design (paper no2)

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Ideological Constructs - Past Visions/Future Possibilities: evaluating the endangered subjects in the context of emerging global sustainability and environmental agendas.
By Mary Loveday Edwards


In searching for reasons why the applied arts might be considered 'endangered subjects', this project's research proposal hypothesised that the applied arts were endangered subjects not necessarily for reasons of progression.  Other research speculates that primary and secondary schools have in the past phased out or abandoned craft subjects, and that students therefore did not think to choose crafts at tertiary level.  However, this research posited that the crafts subjects were endangered not because they were off the schools' radars but because they were off the radar of a wider society:  that they had lost their ideological impulse.
The single most important point to emerge from the project was the need to make explicit, to understand, and to develop, the empowering social-symbolic relationships that surround 'craft' as a construct forged between sets of practices, materials and 'communities'. This paper traces the project from inception to completion and discusses the findings.

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