Monday, August 22, 2011

Vol 3 (2011) Sustainability in Craft and Design (paper no1)

Towards a post-consumer subjectivity: a future for the crafts in the twenty first century? By Peter Hughes


The crafts movement has a long history of engagement with both environmental and ethical issues. In recent years, several movements have emerged-in response to environmental issues and in opposition to the dominance of the monoculture produced by globalising capitalism- that have powerful resonances with some of the crafts movement's early political and ethical heritage. As environmental issues move into the mainstream, a rising tide of concern presents an opportunity for the crafts movement to renew its engagement with social, political and philosophical issues and to contribute both to the debate and to the formation of a sustainable material and creative culture of the future. Full PDF

Images 1 and 2 ‘Craftivism’ in action: Marianne Joergensen’s Pink M.24 Chaffee is a collaborative project incorporating knitted squares from hundreds of contributors.

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