Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Yellow Diva: Musing on a sustainable practice

2-3™ by CK Goff for Yellow Diva

CK Goff and Yellow Diva have collaborated to create 2-3™, a new flat pack plywood chair that bridges the divide between furniture and product. Presented, jigsaw fashion, in an attractive cardboard carry box, the ingenious design has rigorously explored the most economical use of materials.

Designer Chris Goff describes the theory behind his design:

“The 2-3 Chair was designed with efficiency, sustainability and technology firmly in mind. The concept of this chair is to obtain every piece from within a limited space on a flat sheet of material, and assemble the final product using no screws, glue or fixings. The profiles are CNC cut from 16mm birch plywood using a common-cut nested layout that leaves minimal waste. When assembled, the chair is designed so that each tab/slot join stiffens itself through compression generated by the angles and splayed legs. The application of weight to the seat pulls everything more tightly together.

After the initial sketching/idea generation process, designing the object was done almost exclusively in CAD software, alternating between two Solidworks assemblies built from common parts. This allowed me to edit sketches in a flat layout to affect the assembled chair, and vice versa. The only additions post-cutting are the cable ties on the back piece. This was both an aesthetic and practical decision, ensuring the back is secure when moving the chair.”

Yellow Diva sourced a local manufacturer who is able to provide a one-stop-shop, supplying and cutting material for both product and packaging. Low volume production of components obviates holding surplus stock and short lead times facilitate a swift response to customer demand.

2-3™ Adult chair is now joined by a Junior chair & table. By devising multiple variations on cutting layouts, dependent on order requirements, further efficiency is achievable from each stock sheet of plywood .

Another ecological benefit of the slimline packaging is cost-effective and straightforward transportation from manufacturer to retailer and retailer to customer.

2-3™ is available directly through Yellow Diva & selected retail outlets.
Sales inquiries: info@yellowdiva.com or 03 9421 8844

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