Thursday, May 26, 2011

Craft within public architecture

In this issue of ca enews Craft Australia considers the role that craft has played in public architecture. We explore what makes a successful collaboration between craft practitioners and architects and look at the cultural and economic benefits of broadening craft practice into public art. Romaldo Giurgola has argued that in representing Australia, 'art, architecture, and craftsmanship should be intentional, supporting and stimulating elements'. 

Featured Articles
  • Capithetical and craft: Canberra in a hundred years read more
  • Jamie Perrow, crafting public art, interview read more
  • Tom Mirams, JamFactory furniture for Mount Gambier library  read more

Images top to bottom
Maningrida Fish Trap Artefact 3D render  Courtesy of UAP 
Entrants box from 1911 opened at Capitheticals Launch Centenary of Canberra May 2011
JamFactory Furniture Design Studio, Front desk detail,  Mount Gambier Library, forest red gum, hoop pine, 2010 Photographer Grant Hancock.

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