Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jewellery and metal: A treasury of light and land

This month we look at how jewellers and metal smiths are exploring innovative ways to be sustainable as part of creative mico-enterprises.  Craft Australia is exploring sustainability across the various mediums and materials that define craft and deign practice. This includes fashion, furniture, jewellery and object design. Leaders in the field have been interviewed about what sustainability means in their area of practice. Four months into the year and we have a very compelling story about sustainable craft and design enterprises.

Featured Articles
  • Dorothy Erickson, kinetic jewellery - interacting with light and land, interview   read more
  • Rohan Nicol, Analogue to digital, hand to machine  read more
  • Robert foster, design luminary at GAD, Canberra  read more
  • Emma GraceWelcome to The Treasury   read more

Images top to bottom
Dorothy Erickson,  A Naturalist's Life 
Robert Foster, Nebulous Grandaflora 2011.jpg
Rohan Nicol Shades Pod (sunglass case), digital rendering
Emma Grace, Wearit Exhibition installation 

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