Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sustainability for textiles: Ethical manufacturing, electronic fashions and zero waste

Traditionally, textile and fibre artists weave, crochet, knot, knit, spin, felt, stitch, print and dye as well as many other hand tooling methods. Today textiles are being woven with computer driven methods as well as with wood, fungi, bamboo, LED light tubing, recycled plastic and computer chips to create interactive and high performance textiles. We are being led wide eyed into new areas of electronic fashion, bio-mimicry and scientific-couture. At the same time, the textile sector is feeling the challenge of zero waste and ethical manufacturing. 

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Images top to bottom
High Tea with Mrs Woo: Return secret in your eyes black
Jimmy Pike: Screen printed fabric
Lise Frolund: Ladies ties 2011
Ellie Mücke: WearIt exhibition, Photographer Tobias Titz

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